Fall 2015 Project Update

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Patiently waiting....... and waiting..... and waiting.....

The promised Environment Analysis is still in progress at the USFS Office here in Leavenworth. We had hopes of getting it this through due process but are quickly loosing faith in our government.

Mark Milliette and members of the LWSC Board met with USFS Wenatchee-Okonagan National Forest Managers this last month to review the lack of progress or communication and how this might reflect on future partnerships and management of the Leavenworth Ski Hill.

Of the $32,000 (Memorial Project Funds) that we deposited with the USFS towards the Environmental Analysis to improve a structure that the USFS owns... $12,438.28 is remaining for processing costs and $3,234.16 remains for monitoring. We have not received any documentation or communication of what has been completed with your funds but are pushing for a complete accounting and completion of the EA so we can move forth with the project.

All for now. Cheers.