We Are Moving Dirt

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It has been 4 Years, 4 Months, and 4 Weeks since we started down the path of memorializing our friends in some manner befitting their character. An addition to our little Ski Hill that would last another 100 years.

This week we put the proverbial shovel in the ground and started laying the foundation for The Patio addition to The Ski Hill Lodge.

First - 
Here's to the boys. We hope you appreciate what a pain in the ass this has been. Cheers.

Second - 
Thank you Mark Milliette for you perseverance in seeing this through.

Third - 
Thank you Dennis McMahon, Strode Construction, The Salcido Connection, Platt Electric, Syndacate Smith, and Stephan Swoboda in the first phase of this work. It's a busy year for anyone in the construction trades and these folks made this a priority.

Stay tuned... for those that want to help out we will have plenty of need for help in the next 3 weeks.